Andrea  Siviero
Andrea Siviero
Associate Research Director, European Customer Insights & Analysis

Andrea Siviero is associate research director for IDC's European Customer Insights & Analysis group. The group focuses on European vertical markets and emerging technologies qualitative and quantitative research.

In this role, Siviero leads the group's Emerging Technologies research, providing a comprehensive view across all those technologies that have not reached full maturity, such as Blockchain, ARVR, and quantum computing. He advises IT players and end users on building a forward-looking emerging techs strategy, while providing through his team an in-depth view on selected emerging techs via qualitative subscriptions and data-powered consulting projects.

Based in Italy, Siviero holds a joint PhD in Mathematics between the Université Bordeaux I (France) and the Universiteit Leiden (The Netherlands), which he completed under the European ALGANT project framework. During his PhD, he covered scientific research, academic teaching, and vocational training.